Optimizing Home Pages/FAQ pages

Home pages

There are millions of ways to design a great home page. In order to determine how to design an individual home page, we need to understand its role.

  • The bigger (more text) the value proposition, the quicker participants noticed it and the longer they looked at it for.
  • Participants preferred information in the form of a bulleted list (compared to a short paragraph and a bulleted list with descriptions).
  • Participants were able to recall more advantages when more advantages were listed.


Remember, we need to get traffic OFF the home page and down the sales funnel for there to be any conversions. A homepage’s success rate in doing this can be calculated by measuring bounce rate vs traffic flow to the next main step in the website flow (aka the percentage of traffic that enters the sales funnel).

FAQs on websites

Should your website have an FAQ or not?



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Ukaigwe Okechukwu

Ukaigwe Okechukwu

full stack Growth marketer obsessed with building growth engines and iterating experiments to optimize the AARRR spectrum for startups (consumer-focused,B2B)