#2 CXL review- Running Growth Experiments

  1. We need to Test: more effective changes to our website, to our landing pages whatever, wherever the traffic is landing on. That means we need to test the right things to make a good business impact.
  2. Reduce the cost/duration of Optimization: We cannot be brainstorming five months about one test hypothesis. We need to be fast. We need to generate good test ideas really, really fast to reduce the cost.
  3. Improve the speed of experimentation: As Sean would say, the more tests we run, the faster pace we have when it comes to experimentation, the faster we reap the benefits.
  • Where do they click
  • How far do they scroll on a given page
  • Difference between devices
  • Session replays



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Ukaigwe Okechukwu

Ukaigwe Okechukwu

full stack Growth marketer obsessed with building growth engines and iterating experiments to optimize the AARRR spectrum for startups (consumer-focused,B2B)